Google Apps

Google Apps is a group of versatile, affordable applications and no maintenance costs. Ideal for companies that wish to provide e-mail, communication service and applications (documents, presentations, calculation pages, etc.) without exhausting their budgets in the Technologies of Information, with costly maintenance and support services.  Gmail – mailbox with 25GB/user and with Google search. Calendars – personal, group, shared, with management resources. Talk – communication through instant messaging, voice, video and phone. Docs – word processor, spreadsheet, presentations and collaborative drawing tools. Do not send versions of your documents, collaborate. All must have the same version. No limitation of space, in the cloud, on any device. Sites – no need to learn complicated things like HTML, with this tool any user can create sites and share them. Security – anti-virus, anti-spam and management content. Control what goes in and out of your organization. Hangouts – videoconference up to 15 users using your PC/Tablet/Mobile without additional hardware. 

Additional services provided by HOLOS: data migration; transfer your e-mail, contacts and calendars from your current server so that you can continue to operate without interruption. Training: train your team of computers support so you can easily answer the questions of its users. Training plans differentiated according to the needs. 

“Change Management”; prepare the change. According to the size of your organization, we help you to prepare for the change, setting change plans, identifying training needs, preparing the change in each department. 


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