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With the objective of modernize and unify its image as well as boost the content publish on the internet, the ISPA decided to acquire an integrated service to Javali. The portal is composed by several of microsites that allow multiple departments of the university institute to have an independent management of the content, but at the same time integrated. 

The most recent news, past and future events, all the information regarding the courses, conditions, applications and teaching staff, image galleries, organic structure and all the relevant information about ISPA and the academic life, are present in the ISPA portal. The contents are programmed by several microsites to highlight the information that becomes more relevant. The backoffice offers one simple and intuitive interface for the management of all the contents and has several groups or users with specific permissions for managing multiple sites. The existent contents are, in some cases, transversal meaning that they may be available in more than one site (such as news/events and highlights).  

An online store was created (ce.ispa.pt) allowing the sale of items such as magazines, books and merchandising. In the store are available several ways of payment. In parallel, was also developed an online platform for the Career Opportunities whose main goal is to support students in the integration process in the job market. This platform allows, in a simple and accessible way, managing the flow of job research by its students and graduates, the job offer by employers, as well as obtaining the statistical data on employability. Between the diverse portals there are several ways of integrations, such as academic management that allow the data synchronism in the several senses. 


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