SQIMI as developed an innovative platform for the management of services levels (SLA’s) called GENIS, that allows the effective and efficient management of contracts with suppliers and the availability of efficient services to customers. With this solution the customers will be able to control and manage the services provided by suppliers, maximizing investments in a more efficient way and ensuring effective quality in providing services. 

The management of services levels solution aims the automation of the whole process of evaluation and monitoring services (external or internal), simplifying the making decisions process in organizations and an efficient performance management services.

The solution offers a number of advantages, which will allow better decisions about new ways to improve the quality of services, whether provided by the company or acquired from third parties. In a practical way, this solution allows to define the objectives for the services, defining metrics and which factors characterize it, thus be able to evaluate in real time the evolution of the service for those objectives. Also allows the obtainment of detailed data report about the quality and evolution of the objectives of the services. With this solution, suppliers and customers of services will be able to assess the quality of the acquired (or sold) service.  The SQIMI experience in the development of this solution, adapted to the needs and specific requirements of each organization, ensure the availability of an efficient solution in the proper management SLAs. 


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