Forest Fire Finder

The problem of forest fires reaches many countries and the past few years have been a real witness to this situation. The new philosophies to combat forest fires begin with a rapid intervention during the early stage of the same, implying the use of less materials and human resources. Despite the valence of such a measure, fire detection continues to be mostly carried out in a non-systematic way, through visual analysis, which means that for an effective control of the forest people are permanently needed in control towers and also hundreds of vigilantes working 24 hours a day. 

Ideally, a warning system should be automatic, autonomous, fast and able to indicate the exact location of the start of combustion.

Thus, the NGN – Ingenious Solutions has developed an innovative system for detecting and locating forest fires that enables forest owners to have a reliable system that doesn’t need human observation, given his autonomous and automatic nature, and that allows a considerable reduction of the reaction time of fire fighting. Given the technology it uses, is characterized for being unique, presenting recognized advantages in the cost/benefit ratio. Its unique versatility allows its application for the coverage of the forest area of a country, in the protection of natural parks in a particular area, municipal forest area, or private forest producers; either the terrain is flat or hilly. Portugal has been a pioneer in the utilization of this system. Apart from the installed platforms in Portugal, the system is already being internationalized, given the interest shown by other markets, such as Spain, Greece, Uruguay, Chile, France, Italy, Turkey, UAE and Iran.



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