Holos presents you the new Chromeobook and Chromeobox for companies. Starting this October Holos begins marketing the Google Chrome computer – Chromeobook and Chromeobox – for companies in the EMEA region (Europe, Meddle East and Africa), the only ones in the world prepared to operate “in the cloud” (cloud computing).

The new Chrome devices are faster (8s to turn on and less than 8s to turn off), safer (automatic backup and virus-free), versatile (all local information is compartmented and encrypted so that the equipment can be shared without fear) and complete (includes text editor, image editor, calculus page, presentation editor, communications software, multi-point video conference, and other applications).

Advantages when compared to others? There are no software versions to maintain neither applications installation to perform; there are no virus information sharing (no need to send files by e-mail to collaborate); works equally efficiently if not connected to the internet (offline mode). In addition, they are equipped from origin with a very wide range of useful applications for the company’s daily life, which improve over time because they automatically update themselves.

The equipment cost includes a perpetual license for the software management (which ensures a management centralized of the company equipments) and free delivery to all European countries. 

The products are traded directly by Holos or online, in an e-commerce store available at, where you can also find more information about these computers, including videos. 

More images: Chromeobook, Chromeobox.  Presentation Videos: Setup, Backup, Installation of anti-virus protection program and Administration Software.  


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