Having regard to the growing competition among the various higher education institutions and the increasing need for quality and management control, it becomes clear the necessity for the process optimization and efficiency in their management, particularly regarding the management of academic life. 

The SQIMI has developed a platform of Management Information System for academic entities, namely, Universities, Faculties and other teaching institutions.

The know-how acquired by SQIMI trough a direct connection with the Universities and Educational Institutes, over more than 10 years, permitted SQIMI to develop a web platform for Academic Management named BLIP, which provides, in real time, management information and allows the reduction of bureaucratic and administrative processes of the institution. 

The SQIMI technical team was responsible for implementing a large solution at the UNL, for the Academic Management (about 6000 students) named CLIP (Campus Life Integration Platform) which allows, in addiction to the management of processes linked to the academic life, others additional solutions, such as Identity Management Control Attendance. The development of solutions for the Identity Management Control Attendance is based on the COMPASS technology, which allows the development of complex applications in a fast, flexible, reliable and responsive way, handed on time and working efficiently, adjusted to the specific needs and requirements of each institution in particular. In addition to a deep knowledge of the Higher Education System, the team also presents an extensive experience in designing for Information Management solutions and Systems Integration. 


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