This project begun in 1998 by Nuno Godinho for fun, as a way to take advantage of his downtimes from his job at the time. He started by creating a website that intended to be the website with more informations available about cellphones on the web - Cellphones were on massification at the time, and there were many doubts about its technical features.

It was the first website about cellphone content in a time where ringtones, polyphonic ringtones and wallpapers were mostly unknown, but quickly grew and became a must have for the typical cellphone user.

Quickly, this escapade raised the reference website on the portuguese market, evolving in content, design and features.
But let our numbers do the talk:

220.000 Visits/ Month
150.000 Users/ Month
6.350 Followers on Facebook
80.000 Users registered to our newsletter
2.615 Cellphones on the exhibitor
690.000 Published Ads

User Profile
Technology adepts and cellphone users in general
65% Male e 35% Female
Ages between 25 years and 45 years, Class A/B/C1
Students and Graduates

More than a decade of existence, it includes technical profiles about every cellphone, including the first prototype from 1973
Users can compare and identify the devices that are most appropriated to them.
Strong Classified Ads section and news about the state of the market
Content production, video unpack/unboxing


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